Not until just before dawn do people sleep best; not until people get old do they become wise.

Chinese Proverb


Great Bonsai Blog: Ronin Bonsai:Bonsai blog of Ray Coulombe. HERE


Federation of British Bonsai Societies

Says it all really!


Dan Barton

Yes the man himself, pots and more.


Tony Remington Bonsai Pots. Go directly via the link – or just click image to  view some of the most beautiful Bonsai pots ever. Yes, I have some!


John Trott – Mendip Bonsai

MBS is now also well established in the UK, as being one of the leading educational services available to learn the art of bonsai. Instruction is given in all areas of bonsai culture through the workshops available. With a bonsai background going back to 1969, John’s teaching puts a large emphasis on the student learning important horticultural practices relevant to growing, styling and maintaining bonsai in top class condition.

The nursery has some of the finest raw materials, also many other Bonsai related available.


Our Bonsai

This site has been created for bonsai enthusiasts AROUND THE WORLD to provide an opportunity to showcase bonsai of specimen standard that have been created from self-propagated material such as:

seed/cuttings/air-layers/grafts/tanuki/phoenix etc as well as from nursery stock material and imported Pre-bonsai material.  It will also include specimen bonsai created from material dug out of gardens and hedges.



Meeting regularly for all things about Bonsai in the far South West of England, this should be a must if you are an enthusiast and would like to talk with other like-minded enthusiasts.


Now this fella, Ian Young. Has a Bonsai Website with Blog. I urge you to have a look around; there is bound to be something of interest for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike.

3 thoughts on “Links

  1. arsyadvilla

    hello, dear. my name is arsyadvilla from indonesia, recently i started my bonsai blog too, unfortunately it still in indonesian language.

    anyway, it is nice to know a bonsai lover around the world.


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