Bonsai Species Care Guides

If the roots are not removed during weeding, the weeds will grow again when the winds of Spring blows.

General proverb, author unknown

This is a ‘coming soon’ event. I shall be including just about all known outdoor species of tree or plant currently used for Bonsai in the UK.

Whilst there are some excellent points of reference either by-way-of the world wide web or indeed in Bonsai books and publications – I will be attempting to create a checklist which the format will continue through each species. This will take some considerable time of course, and because I suffer chronic Osteo-Arthritis my voice software is far from perfect, so much editing is required … sigh.

I am also gearing each care guide to the beginner which assumes no knowledge; well, apart from some basic horticultural skills. I would expect that even seasoned enthusiasts will also glean something useful, even if it is restricted to methodology that offers tried and tested procedures over many-many years.

Each care guide will not only include everything you may need but also seasonal care and myths that frequent this subject from time to time. So whilst I loathe with a vengeance ‘UNDER DEVELOPMENT,’ on a page when I click it, it really is under development. I’m hoping to get around one a week onto the site, repotting of my collection permitting. Most are still sound asleep but there are signs. Just need that big round hot thing in the sky to get a bit higher, a tad less cloud and lose this wind to a gentle breeze and we are home and dry.

Oh how I look forward to a nice long G&T in the hand of an evening while pottering with my trees; what could be more perfect?

One thought on “Bonsai Species Care Guides

  1. Octavia

    Looking forward to the care guides… I have four tiny English oak seedlings (biggest about 4″) that I’d like to turn into bonsai trees and am currently confused about whether to let them grow out for a few years so the trunks thicken or whether I should be trimming tap roots now to restrict them!

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