Japanese Hawthorn

Beginning is easy – Continuing is hard.

Japanese Proverb

This Japanese Hawthorn came into my possession what seems like forever ago. It was never a troublesome tree and rewarded me with flowers year after year.

Initially it had very little shape but did never-the-less carry superb potential shape at the lower trunk. This beauty is now no longer in my collection, and thus I may look for another as a replacement.

This first picture is as was, and the second is after several years of work and reshaping.

Not a large tree by any shakes; height is around 35cm. It was tiny when I purchased it, again, it was the runt of the litter, arriving from Japan via a nursery with little shape and wire that had been put on had already started biting in. Thus, I gave the tree two years off and planted it into a growing bed and fed well prior to up lifting and placing in an Erin pot.

Some wiring and clipping ensured a delightful looking tree come the end.

Japanese Hawthorn 1980 something

Japanese Hawthorn 2000


It can be seen in this picture with the flowers intact . What cannot be seen in the last image is all the carving I carried out which was intended to disguise or hide the poor pruning the tree had gone through in the years before it found me as a new home.

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