Japanese White Pine

Normally, we do not so much look at things – as overlook them….

Japanese Proverb

Sadly this lovely tree is no longer under my care. It appears from time-to-time at RHS and other shows around the country, including the prestigious Chelsea flower Show.

This first of my case history trees is the only true specimen I ever purchased – and this first picture is pretty much as it was when after much negotiation it came into my care. A Japanese White Pine grafted onto a Black Pine root stock which is now approximately 160 years old.

Much work on refinement has ended up with a better shaped tree and also a very healthy one. Due for re-potting in 2011.

This first picture is shortly after purchase; looking a bit bare and sorry for itself.


W.Pine 1

After a few years of hard-work, intense wiring and reshaping with further candle development I was able to achieve this:


As you can see the tree has taken on a completely different look.

Now the tree is taking on a much smoother and less aggressive look. I pinch new candles by at least 50%, and possibly remove approximately 50% over a 4-5 week period working each layer with a break to prevent the tree from getting overly stressed. Wiring is absolutely minimal at the moment and will likely remain so for a further growing season. During the next phase I am concentrating on reducing needle size.

This Bonsai will be re-potted in mid-Spring 2011 and I will update again after initial growth has settled.

Well it settled very well indeed; considering it was a hard prune on the entire root structure. Some substantial sized roots were removed near the nebari that were both crossing and unattractive. Normally I would only ever root prune around 50% on this particular species. It was as I said a hard prune due to some root damage from those stupidly cold winters in 2009/10.

It has recovered superbly and health is as good as it could be. Thinned slightly but colour is stunning.

Japanese White Pine on Black Pine Roots


8 thoughts on “Japanese White Pine

  1. Madonna

    Mike, I’m gutted. You have sold my favourite ever bonsai. One I consider to be in the top one hundred in the world. I’d have paid you 10K hard cash dude for that gorgeous Siberian Elm. I saw it in Swindon a few years back and thought ‘now if that ever comes up for sale it is MINE!’

    Truthfully Mike I’m totally gutted. Are you permitted to tell me who has the tree now? I’d be interested at almost any price. I’ve been in Saudi for the last three months so missed your sales. You made a MASSIVE mistake mate on the Korean!!!!! That was 3K to anyone. Whoever had it robbed you blind 😦 The Hinoki Cypress too was a magnificent tree, £850 mate was total peanuts. ARGGGHHHHH I’m so miffed I missed these trees.

    You probably had one of the best Nagasaki Crab Apples ever and again with massive respect mate you made a boo-boo at £850. Worth double!

    I’m in Lincoln in November. Is the Procumbens and the two Maples still available??

    Take care matey-boy.


    1. mozzytheboy

      Thank you fergs. See you November matey. Pi55 up in local ale house methinks 🙂 And No Maddy I ain’t gonna tell you who has the SE 🙂

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