Case Histories

A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.

Chinese Proverb: author unknown

Welcome to my case histories. If I have managed it – this has become a parent directory and will present options to view each Bonsai case history in turn.

Please feel free to leave a comment; I greatly value your time in visiting Bonsai-Passion.

With each tree I have tried to include as many pictures as possible to show progression over the years. In each case I will also offer information on various techniques that have been utilised to make the relevant transformation.

Are any of my Bonsai finished? Well, the short answer in almost every case is no. Whilst with some I am happy with the overall shape, I will still continue to refine as the seasons pass. Indeed, some species such as the Larch really do need hard pruning from time to time to prevent the overall branch structure from getting too thick. Others including say the Japanese White Pine require on-going work to keep the overall shape. Needle reduction is one such technique that I will cover during the JWP transformation.

In many cases I will just simply allow the Bonsai to enjoy normal growth; this is when I am not intending to show any trees at various exhibitions. This does the Bonsai no harm whatsoever; in fact it greatly benefits the individual tree.

Enjoy as I do these wonderful pictures from Japan. Links to case history specific Bonsai can be found on the header link, just place cursor for options; or alternatively click on any of the links below the pictures.

  1. Japanese White Pine
  2. Satsuki Azalea Number One
  3. Siberian Elm
  4. Japanese Hawthorn
  5. Beech Group


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