Accent Plantings

If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.

Chinese Proverb

I figured it was now right to completely update this section. Over time I will do the same to other areas of the site, that are starting to look a little, well tired. Back in 2010 /11 when I started this ‘hobby-diary,’ I never realised just how many people I would get to know; and indeed finding that ‘accent’ plantings are fun, inexpensive and very satisfying.

Clearly some of my original offerings in terms of layout, plant choice, and photographic skills (lack of), were in need of some change. Many of the plants that I had on display here are now out of the pot so to speak, and in the garden. Over the next few weeks I will continue to update.

First one up is just planted. A small miniature Hosta which I purchased at the Magical Bonsai Accent show in Bristol (May). At the same time the Rhodohypoxis and some various mosses were added to this wonderful Esoteric pot from Dan Barton. The top dressing is propagating bark duly reduced in size and sterilised. The small wooden stand is an off-cut of plywood, sealed and suitably edged with resin. It is sanded and treated with several coats of Liberon and machine polished. The surface is rock hard. The underside is painted black. All stands are my own unless stated.

Accent 1a

Next is a Walsall Ceramics pot with Lemon & Lime small hosta. Bronze snails are from Mendip Bonsai.

Accent 2a

Here is a wonderful Stone Monkey Ceramics pot. This is one of my favourite ones. Alongside is a Bronze and Enamel Ladybird from Richard Cooper and sculpted by Michael Simpson. Plantwise, it is a small Veronica that just grows wild in my garden. The smaller plant is ground spreading and flowering Alpine.

Accent 3a

Here I have collected a selection of garden weeds. These have been arranged in an ERIN pot. Once over, or too dishevelled, I shall try something else. This is the joy of accent plantings, you can make several changes each year.

Weeds 1st June 2012

This is a Primula which I split every year and pot into new growing medium. I keep it very free draining, and water well. I have found that green fly for odd reasons, are attracted to to this one. Planted in a 12cm diameter pot of unknown origin; (possibly an indoor plant drip pot).


Small (aren’t they all?) pot; again, handmade by Dan Barton. I did have a new variety of primula, var ‘Woodland Walk,’ sat quite nicely but flowers are well over so off to the garden it went, and some odd bits that I had have filled the pot quite well. Rhodohypoxis, some very tiny house leeks which grow every year in our wall, a sedum and a mixture of Quantock based mosses.

Rhodohypoxis June 13th 2012

Here is an ERIN pot that has only been with me a few days. I had in mind what I was going to include, but like most things I decided to change. The grass looking plant is in fact a Lilium forosanun var. pricei; and the smaller plant to the front is a variety of  Sempervivum.

Pot size is 8cm diameter and 7.5cm high.

ERIN pot 20.6.2012

In this ERIN pot that I have owned for quite some years, I have included the use of red variety ‘Garden-Mum’s.’ Some Houseleeks and a good selection of moss.

Garden mum 2012

One of my latest plantings, which include a small alpine Lillium and small perennial that comes up every year. This smaller species produces lovely small blue flowers. The Lillium formosanum var. pricei, I use simply for the foliage. The flower, if it appears will be quite out of keeping size-wise. Finished off with some various mosses that are growing abundantly right now. Pot is ERIN (click on image to go directly to ERIN) and approximately 5cm in height and 5.5cm depth.

ERIN pot July 1st 2012

Just arrived from Vic at ERIN pots; a gorgeous small pot, some 5-6cm in height and diameter. Planted up with a few species of succulent growing in trainer pots. Keeping them dryish is a bit awkward right now, as greenhouse space is at a premium !

Latest ERIN pot 9th July 2012

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