Completely Off Piste … WordPress

 A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.

Chinese Proverb. Author unknown.

On occasions when using text widgets I find the need to use html coding to get what I need from said widget. I’ve been asked quite  a few times now how I do such and such with those widgets.

The truth is I found this nice blog that gave me everything I needed; so it ain’t worth squat if it isn’t shared, so here then is the site I have used to create widgets and also play around in posts and pages using code.

It’s gobbledegook mostly … well, to me it is but hey-ho, with copy and paste it always seems to come up trumps for me. Hope anyone ‘wordpressing’ finds it helpful, I know I have.

Link is here then.

All we need now is for to allow official plug-ins and we are home and dry:-)