Procumbens All Change

If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.

        Leo Tolstoy

Not been around in a while as health issues and moving home (we hope) have taken priority. I have however had a good week or two and thought I would spend a bit of time on all my trees.

I only have eight trees now so really I can now actually enjoy spending time working with them rather than thinking of it as a chore. When I first started on the road to Bonsai and over subsequent years I became what I can only imagine as addicted to having more and more trees.

sure I had nothing like the amount as many do and have done over time mostly because pretty much all my trees were large ones. Some so heavy it took two to move them. Thirty-one years later and I’ve gone much much smaller. Sure not Shohin sized but all manageable by one person and don’t need the wheelbarrow to move them.

I’ll upload a few others, but for now my old cascading Procumbens had gone a bit bushy again so figured I sit and think about a future for it. I repotted three years ago after obtaining a rather nice pot whilst up at the Swindon Winter image Show.

Here it can be seen as a Yeti like Cascade.

Procumbens November 2011

The pot above was a very heavy one from Peter Chan. The great problem with the Procumbens Juniper is the foliage gets pretty heavy and creating a cascade became difficult for me, as I found the weight of the branch required permanent wiring to keep any kind of shape.

Here it can be seen after a fall in high winds with some branches broken. I threw it in this pot which I quickly purchased from the local Garden Centre. To give an idea of size the slab that the pot is sat on is 40cm in diameter.

Juniper March 2010

Again I figured I would leave it and see what happens. It recovered well and I cleaned it out to see once more if a possible cascade without permanent wire was possible. See the first image. Also this one. Cleaned out and removed from pot to go into the PC grey one.


The root-ball was indeed looking well recovered and so into the PC pot it went. Over time I just didn’t or could not get my head round the tree. I wondered if actually creating something with this one was out of my own skill-set? I’m not to proud to admit at times I’ve wondered if I was capable, and fumbled at times. Oh I thought I’d include the absolute original image of the tree. This was prior to falling and prior to a much needed trim.


Moving on and as I started off saying eventually I had had enough of constant wiring and thus decided enough was enough and into a much smaller more manageable pot. This was the one I spoke about earlier the one I got from Swindon.

Procumbens 2011

And yet I still wasn’t happy! Yes it looked to me a heck of a lot better but balance wise it wasn’t right and I still wondered if it had too many branches. Moving bang up to date from 2011 when I popped it into the pot above, I purchased another pot whilst in Swindon this year at the winter Image Show, and paid the mighty sum of £22.50 for it. Brand new, Chinese, perfect condition and deep enough to get a bit more root growing and also to see how it looks in a more rectangular pot. Incidentally I should say I like the following image very much and it will be my intention to get another rectangular pot but not so deep.

Taken a couple of days ago March 2014 in the new pot. Tree needs an overall tweak bend over to the left by a few mm which i’ll do with the foliage when recovered from the repot.

Thank you if you are still with me and reading; I hope you enjoyed it?

Procumbens 200314

Procumbens In New Pot

Whilst visiting the Swindon Winter Image show this year, (yes I know pics to follow) I was extremely fortunate to find that Walsall Ceramics were selling some quality Japanese pots, that were second hand, I believe ex Bill Jordan. My eyes lit up, would I find anything for my Procumbens? I’d looked everywhere, and it was now down to a commission I supposed.

Not so; there it was, shouting out at me to buy it, so I did, for a fraction of what I had anticipated. I knew longer term I would still be looking, but for now it would comfortably suffice. As it happens I rather like it, and will certainly be in no hurry to change it.

Spent around three hours working the old rootball, and then repotted into a mix of LECA, Akadama, Kyodama, Propagating Bark, and Kiryu, all topped off with some Frit and Trace Elements.

New growth was visible right the way across this one, so today was absolutely idea. I need to spend time working on the tree now. First though I shall ensure it establishes well.

Top dressed with Akadama, and watered in well with 25ml of Rhizotonic to 6 litres of water. It will go into a sheltered area where watering can be controlled for the first few weeks.

Procumbens Juniper …Some Changes

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense” -Buddha

Got completely fed up with this one how it was, so decided I would make inroads into changing it from a cascade to an informal upright. Why? Well, just because I fancied a change really, and didn’t like where it had been going.

The pot is now completely wrong but will have to do until later in Spring. It was repotted last year and has done well since that time. I have a pot in mind but will try several before making mind up fully.

Not finished, far from it really; but my fingers and thumbs always react badly to the prickling. I should wear gloves really!

Further defining and an overall reduction in length of existing branches is probably on the cards. As a tip to anyone working with Bonsai and in particular restyling, leave it alone for a while and walk away. Even a day or two. Come back to it after a certain stage; the tree will be better for it. Been on this now off and on for quite a few hours.

As it was originally, then prior to work this week.