Display Area Further Changes

Not a lot, but just a few subtle changes / additions. Have included some solar power pagoda style lighting (now I like I shall get some more). I need a solar light with a separate panel to install in the smaller granite lantern. Nothing around in the stores today … sigh (just full of sale stuff! 🙂

Brought over the K. Hornbeam triple trunk, shifted a couple and raked over, oh and picked up leaves. Would have done more but that wind today … waayyyyy too strong and drying out the evergreens very quickly. Very unusual to be watering right now. Using a moisture meter, they are drying out very quickly.

Anyway, latest image as of this afternoon. Further changes planned!

Started The Small JWP Finally

This smallish Japanese White Pine, (well, small to the rest of my collection), has been lurking for some years rather neglected. Mainly because I knew that work would show up the negative spaces. So on a mild December day, I made some changes. I don’t normally wire hard during early winter but have a suitable protective area for the tree; hence having wired pines all year round I have not this far found any problems doing it at this time.

It is OK for now. This coming growing year and the next couple will give me much to work with so the intention is to lessen the impact of the negative spaces. I even considered taking the top right off but decided against it. Anyway, just a day apart the before and after offerings.

Japanese White Pine …What’s in a season?

I mentioned elsewhere that during late 2009 and indeed 2010 I had concerns for my old Japanese White Pine. This tree has been in my family  for almost thirty years and I honestly didn’t like the was it was going.

You’d be forgiven then for assuming I might have got the proverbial finger out and run with a re-pot during 2010. But no, one reason and another dictated I was unable to undertake the re-pot. During the peak of growing during May and June 2010 I became aware it was struggling and whilst I could still have run with a re-pot at that time I chose to wait until 2011; assuming that late 2010, early 2011 would be  a fairly mild winter compared to the previous two! How wrong can you be.

With already damaged roots, 2010/11 almost wiped this tree out. I did NOT give it sufficient protection during the last winter and so it sat, anywhere from -3 or 4, to -14c. Weeks and weeks this cold snap lingered, and I knew then it was a late spring 2011 re-pot or the tree would be a ‘gonner.’ In essence the cold is not as bad as standing in water of course.

Under normal circumstances I would root-prune around half of the ball and follow this up two years later on the other half. When finally I lifted the tree I was horrified at the damage that three hard consecutive winters had brought me. You can see the root ball in more detail under ‘repotting’ on the main header bar.

I had no choice it was the lot. I removed all black and sludgy brown and went it pretty darned hard. During 2011 I carefully watched the JWP and started up a care and feeding regime that I thought might well work. Indeed it did and some seven to eight months after the re-pot I am delighted with progress. Most of all the two and three year old needles are now gone and that awful green to yellow colour has disappeared. I shall continue to work the tree next year and look forward to a much more healthy tree. Anyone reading this with doubts on hardiness of this species think again! They do not have the advantage of staying dry nor can they cocoon their roots deeper. I do advocate keeping a JWP very much on the dry side from November through winter and into early spring. This will help alleviate root rot from sitting water.

This first image is late Summer 2011 (current year) the second is from late summer 2010. What a difference a year makes! I live and learn 🙂

For Japan

In these difficult times that the Japanese are currently facing, I hope and pray they find the inner-strength to continue.

継続は力なり。 (Keizoku wa chikara nari)

‘Don’t give up. Just continuing to hold on, will yield/reveal strength and power.’