Just A Plant In A Pot

At times during the best months of the year for my hobby of bonsai, I do, as many will know, enjoy hugely mucking about with small pots n plants in the vain hope I can make some attractive ones. Now let’s be absolutely clear here, my accents / kusamono are on a par with what Rita Cooper & Dan Barton have forgotten! If you REALLY want to see some absolutely mind blowing accents read on. If not then I have uploaded an image below to look at.

The 2012 Magical Accent Show near Bristol was amazing; and hint hint I hope we have another in 2014; nudge nudge. Some superb images of Ritta’s accents HERE and some also from Dan Barton and his lovely wife Cecilia HERE. And a few more HERE.

Now I realise the images I’ve included here by link have been seen before, but truly I could not resist sharing once again. Also other than Dan B and Ritta, many other talented people had their very own accents on display. They are all stars. Oh and my mind wanders when I start speaking into this voice activated thingy; I may leave it one day to show you how it writes! Still one good finger to sort those annoying red underlines; I’ve done it again, wandered, sorry all, back to accents then.

And what started this post in my mind, was a pot I have moved a Gypsophila cerastioides ‘Baby’s Breath.’ into. (Who the heck makes these names up? Baby’s Breath??? I’d originally put this tiny thing in a very tall pot but fancied a change. Camera was my Canon with the 55-250mm reduced image size in PSE and slightly cropped. f7 ISO200 custom WB and set on TV settings.

So nothing wonderful, just a cheap wee pot from the garden centre that is not frost proof; so later this year this wee darlin will be planted in the rockery. I personally get great satisfaction from this hobby; one need not be brilliant at it, just so long as you enjoy it, and what you do works for you .. warts n all! Anyway as usual, my thanks for reading, on the basis someone other than me actually does 🙂

indoor pot

Nothing Fancy Here

My second post today which is also another before and after. Just a small Maple that I have owned for almost thirty years. It was one of those wee saplings around a few centimetres in height and about as thick as a strand of spaghetti or two.

Repotted back in March, into this new to me oval Tony Remington pot, which I was fortunate enough to secure for myself at the 2013 Swindon Winter Image show. It is 32cm end to end and around 4cm deep.

The tree grew rather too well, and was difficult to keep up with. Anyway prior to a minor strip down.

Maple before


Some of it I just pull away, the old leaves and other parts I work away with scissors until my fingers get too painful to use. Unfortunately due to the ridiculous amount of cold wind we had during March April and May, this one along with all my other Maples burnt badly. The only solution is grow some new ones, hence the shape is not yet how I would really like as I wanted to concentrate of removing virtually all the severely wind-burnt leaves.

Immediately after a couple of hours pruning.

After Maple

Yes it would easily stand much more stripping down, I will see how new growth develops first.

A Couple Of Changes

Just spent an hour last night making further additions, changes to what will become the new display area over coming months. Mostly right now it is to live with it and see what develops. My good friends Paul B and Smithy have given me much to think about as well.

Currently the area is much smaller than it will eventually become. The lawn behind the gravel will become something for sure. The blue pot plants will be gone once the old patio is ripped up and replaced. Probably (but not certain) something else will be here. Saw a nice Oriental Pergola on eBay last night, am tempted 🙂

Completely Off Piste … WordPress

 A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.

Chinese Proverb. Author unknown.

On occasions when using text widgets I find the need to use html coding to get what I need from said widget. I’ve been asked quite  a few times now how I do such and such with those widgets.

The truth is I found this nice blog that gave me everything I needed; so it ain’t worth squat if it isn’t shared, so here then is the site I have used to create widgets and also play around in posts and pages using code.

It’s gobbledegook mostly … well, to me it is but hey-ho, with copy and paste it always seems to come up trumps for me. Hope anyone ‘wordpressing’ finds it helpful, I know I have.

Link is here then.

All we need now is for WordPress.com to allow official plug-ins and we are home and dry:-)