Yeah, I Found a Pot

I said to my Wife “I wish I had kept that gorgeous little pot from Tony Remington.”

‘Well then’ she said. ‘Good job I squirrelled it away then.’ 🙂 This gorgeous little pot is just 3cm in diameter or an inch for you stone-age folk. ANDDDD I just found some bronzes too 🙂

Tiny accent pot


Why oh why did I let all my tools go? Muppet springs to mind! I have as an indulgent purchase bought an amazing pair of Robert Steven designed stainless steel scissors. I was lucky securing them a lot lot less than the rrp. Yep they are as good as I expected. They are like scalpels and the box is nice as well 🙂

Robert Steven scissors

205mm Branch Cutters I have now from Wattston Bonsai and they are from his Katana range. Superb. Went for a cheap heavy duty carbon steel 205mm wire cutters and totally useless. Not sharp right at the point where the cutting edge meets the branch. They have been returned and have just had a pair of Ryuga stainless steel wire cutters which are amazing. £40.00 for quality stainless steel struck me as a bargain.

Ryuga wire

I have wire so all I need to get cracking is knob cutters and a wire caddy. This small collection with root scissors will keep me sorted for a while.

Buying Bonsai Mail Order

STOP PRESS: Wattston Bonsai have a superb Facebook page. Have a look HERE. Under construction but looking VERY good.

I have found since returning to the art of Bonsai, things have changed slightly. Firstly prices seem to have sky-rocketed (possibly down to the weak £). Secondly, I have found that some Bonsai nurseries do not seem to have embraced having a quality and detailed website; seeming to prefer eBay to list what they are selling. There are of course exceptions: and today i would like to both champion and whole-heartedly promote Wattston Bonsai

I wanted a Japanese White Pine recently, and working with a small budget, I tried unsuccessfully to source one across the UK. I found some nurseries would not even bother sending any offering images, or simply did not offer mail order, or in some instances do me the courtesy of a reply; I was on the cusp of giving up, when I found Dougie at Wattston Bonsai. The most helpful man going; and his prices are a bit good as well 🙂

Quickly made my choice and paid; two days later my tree arrived in a small crate, still moist and in perfect condition. I shall return to Wattston Bonsai for sure. This is just one recommendation, there will be others; for now though, for all your Bonsai-based needs check out Dougie’s website. He sells some fabulous tools and a great range of soils and of course those trees. Pretty much everything you need really.


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 13.14.23

Small Juniper

So some years on after selling everything Bonsai related, it would seem a throwaway statement from my Wife has rekindled my interest in Bonsai. Initially I had private and personal reasons for ensuring my Wife was never left with the task of getting rid of my trees pots and tools, hence why I got rid of everything.

“let’s make a small Japanese garden’ she said. “Perhaps you might even like to create a few Bonsai?” And that so they say was that.

‘I’ll mull it over.’ I said. Suitably ‘mulled’ I have now purchased a 2000 litre plastic rigid pond, the filtration and pump, two ton of lovely Yorkshire rocks, some plants already and of course …Yep, you guessed, three Bonsai already 🙂 And why not indeed?

This is the area I will be turning into a Japanese style garden. Work starts next month. It is 40′ x 35′ in total including the lawned area. I’ll be constructing a walkthrough pergola in the lawn fitting a membrane and a nice gravel with stepping stones.


Anyway, this small chap came from Harry H at Bonsai4Me , and is a superb little tree. Why on earth for the giveaway price no-one else snapped it up is beyond me. Not certain on variety. Offering image then some basic work. Now I will have a think and see what further progress can be made. Tis good to be back at the Bonsai malarkey. Harry’s ‘trees for sale page’ is HERE

The following two images are of the small Juniper ‘as was’

HH Juni1HH Juni2

After a short time I have only really tidied this Juniper. I will live with it to see what I might like for the tree eventually.

juni before afterFor Website


Paul Goff RIP.

I’m sure you may already know; but, one of my last posts here on Bonsai- Passion is an extremely sad one.

Paul Goff, a star within the Bonsai community has sadly passed away.

I first came across Paul when he joined Harry Tomlinson creating the year book. A book I very much enjoyed. In latter years i would nod at Paul mostly during the Swindon Winter image shows. His wonderful flowing locks always astounded me; just how did someone have such wonderful hair that many a lady would have killed to have:)

His scrolls were at first to me rather nonsensical. Over a couple of decades I came to realise their importance; and I have nothing short of admiration and respect for them. They MOST definitely have a very important place in Bonsai-Display.

It must have been such a shock to the family; I have nothing other than respect and kind thoughts for the entire family at this most sad sad time.



Bonsai-Passion Address

Update 2018. And I see since letting the domain go, someone decided to take it on and use it. The old domain name Bonsai Passion is nothing to do with me.

In thirteen days time WordPress will be shutting the I need to pay, which seems pointless as I no longer have any trees.  It is, and will still available on the original default name I registered.

It will still be there under this link:



Keeping The Blog Alive?

Well, I now only have the Procumbens, Stumpy and the Mountain Maple left; all other trees and ‘stuff’ have gone to new custodians. With respect to the remaining trees, I may well use ebay with 99p starts to pass the remaining trees on. No idea what they will make but will be nice to think someone will enjoy them.

As for the wee blog here, I doubt really that I will have much to say about bonsai other than snippets that might come to mind. As age and health take their toll, it was a difficult decision to make but I’m really glad that I did. I feel almost relieved.

I may as well leave the blog live as it might be helpful to anyone becoming interested in Bonsai. There is no cost so i’m quite happy to leave it live. I’m coming up to half a million hits since I started it off, so that is well good for sure.

As for the three remaining trees … I’m taking £100 off each tree for a limited time. The Procumbens is now £750. Stumpy £450 and the Mountain Maple £400. Or, £1,500 for all three. All are in wonderful health and come with my personal guarantee that as long as you water and generally look after them they will last you a lifetime.