Getting the Tree You Think!

‘A blind person who sees is better than a seeing person who is blind. ‘     
I’d been looking around still for a Crab Apple, and was quite impressed with the selection at Peter Chan’s. The individual images with prices seemed medium to high, but I suppose being Surrey that would be about right. I had selected two and could not make up my mind. One at £400 the other £300; nothing fancy, just something to work with. Then to my horror I saw under each tree ‘The picture is for guidance only. It is not generally possible to send the tree in the picture. We may need to send you one that’s similar in terms of size, shape, pot and age. ‘
Not knocking Peter here, but I was a bit taken back. In all my years at looking and buying trees it has always been ‘this will be the tree you get.’

John Milton

This Blog from John is about many things. Most of all though, it is about his life in Japan as an apprentice learning about Bonsai and other things too. If you have the time I’d heartily recommend that you to check his Blog out; and in particular look at the calibre of trees he has been working on. I met John a few times when I lived in Somerset. He is such a nice man.

His Blog and exploits in Japan can be read HERE

Chikamasa Spring Loaded Bud Trimming Pruning Scissors.

As an update I have just purchased a pair, and have t say they are amazing for the price; actually amazing anyway. The plastic tie at the bottom is a bit naff so I’ll make a leather one for them. The sharpness is astonishing and for broadleaf removal they are the ‘mutts.’ A hearty recommendation. They can be found here on eBay.

Just spotted these at £13.00. Cheap as chips, anyone tried a pair; wondered what they might be like. Prefer a Japanese carbon steel pair but hey ho these are cheaper.


Here We Go … A New Pot

What the heck is it about Bonsai Life?? You leave it behind and then find actually you miss the whole ethos of it; and that includes pots. Anyone who knows me will recall I had quite an extensive collection of pots. And as I once said, ‘whoever bought a pot just because you liked it with nothing in mind for it?’

Well I stumbled on this beauty, and just knew I had to be its new owner. A cracked finish and a colour glaze that reminded me of someone else’s pots 🙂 . This one however is unique, hand thrown as it going to look nice with some random plantings in it kusamono style I feel. 9cm x 13cm, so lots of room to get some height and colours involved.

As I said on the title ..’Here We Go.’

Crack design


When we moved to Lincolnshire in 2015 I knew it was the second driest county, but boy-oh-boy 2018 has been a dry one. It would seem to be pretty much everywhere this year though.

So on the strength of a weather forecast for this week, w/e 29/07/2018 that actually seems half positive for Friday 27th, I have carried out that horrible job of cleaning out the rain water butts …Which is a disgustingly horrible job. Anyway, three done, now we wait 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.36.28