Another Azalea

Always been my favourite species of bonsai. This a monstrous 27cm diameter trunk at the very base is a long term project. It desperately requires a new pot but thus far I am struggling to find anything. 38cm oval is what I have in mind with some decent depth.

Since Brexit, all my old European sources have stopped shipping to the UK which is such a shame. Maybe in time UK nurseries will improve their websites and take advantage of the fact there are many enthusiasts here in the UK that need more than some basic wire and a plastic pot? We can live in hope.

So far other than spend the hours weeding, trunk cleaning, removal of old wire that was biting in, I have done very little. Some light pruning and further wiring to create a basic shape. In time I will create a more domed crown and create some major branches.

As we age, real long term projects become impossible. I’m thinking fifteen years to achieve a nice tree. That will put me in my eighties: I hope I can still lift this tree then; jeepers, I hope I’m still alive to enjoy my work 🙂

Asahi-no-Hikari is the sub species of Satsuki (Satski) Azalea, a variation on Eikan. It is currently on the work table right now, so I’ll update again. As it was and after a day’s work.

I have no idea if this works, but no doubt someone will say if it looks awful. I came across this one at Kaizen. Quick mock-up.

After much searching, I have settled (for the 2022 repot) on a basic pot from Kaizen Bonsai. One inch less in diameter than I wanted but it still seems to sit well with this azalea.

2 thoughts on “Another Azalea

  1. Richard Jennings

    Hi Mike,

    Glad to see that you are OK and back to tinkering with trees again.

    1. Mozzy

      A pleasure to hear from you Richard. I’m one of the team running British Bonsai Club on Facebook, do join us if you have time.


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