Water Garden Area

Been making some progress converting a section of garden that will eventually have ‘light’ Japanese style to it. The pond is now in and some plants are also in. Fish seem fine. Sadly being disabled I am reliant on others being free to lend a hand; although my Wife is pretty good digging holes and planting.

Next step is a pal will be crazy-paving the plain left side of the pond. Then find somewhere up here in Lincolnshire that actually has a decent selection of Acers to choose from. Stepping stones some ornaments rock plants and, oh well, that will be another day. For now a short video. And it seems I cannot put a video on. Oh well a few images then.

p2Pond 1 FBpond plants 1pond plnts 2pond plnts 3pw4pw5pw6

2 thoughts on “Water Garden Area

  1. Richard Jennings

    Hi Mike,

    good to see the new project pond coming along, i am sure that it will be up to your usual high standard and look spectacular once completed.

    Richie Jennings

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