New Crab Apple

The winds of heaven change suddenly; so do human fortunes.

Chinese Proverb


i’m delighted to have found a Crab that has lots of promise. I’ve been looking all over since returning to Bonsai. All I could find was poor offerings at ridiculous asking prices, for basically stuff I’ve given away in the past.

I was saving hard to get a ‘biggie’ from Graham at Kaizen, but then thought, ‘hang on, this is daft; why not get a ‘cheapy’ and spend a few years on it?’ So I did. Peter Chan at Heron had some good ones listed on his website, then I realised you DON’T actually get the tree you see; he will send something ‘similar,’ yeah right I don’t think so. Thanks to a good old pal, I see Heron Bonsai is NOT the establishment it once was. Very sad indeed.

So still looking, I stumbled across Adam Briney at ‘All Things Bonsai.’

And I’m delighted to recommend his nursery based on numerous emails, general help and his prices. For goodness sake ‘get in there,’ he has some great material at sensible money. I am saving hard and will be taking a visit to All Things Bonsai in Sheffield later this year. Anyway, I bought this cracking Crab Apple from Adam at a paltry £100 posted to me in Lincoln. Here it is as received; needs repotting as it is in an open organic soil and the pot is too small, so am looking for a new one. I will start carving this Crab almost immediately. Having had a chat with others, it would seem now is a good time, not during Winter. A ton of carving to do, so looking forward to it. Nebari (trunk diameter) is excellent, almost 13cm. Height is around 42cm from soil. I cannot believe how fortunate I was getting this beauty. And don’t get caught out. Crabs are now on the banned list to be imported from Japan.

Crab3 WPFBCrab2 FBWPCrab 1 WPFB