Why oh why did I let all my tools go? Muppet springs to mind! I have as an indulgent purchase bought an amazing pair of Robert Steven designed stainless steel scissors. I was lucky securing them a lot lot less than the rrp. Yep they are as good as I expected. They are like scalpels and the box is nice as well 🙂

Robert Steven scissors

205mm Branch Cutters I have now from Wattston Bonsai and they are from his Katana range. Superb. Went for a cheap heavy duty carbon steel 205mm wire cutters and totally useless. Not sharp right at the point where the cutting edge meets the branch. They have been returned and have just had a pair of Ryuga stainless steel wire cutters which are amazing. £40.00 for quality stainless steel struck me as a bargain.

Ryuga wire

I have wire so all I need to get cracking is knob cutters and a wire caddy. This small collection with root scissors will keep me sorted for a while.