Buying Bonsai Mail Order

STOP PRESS: Wattston Bonsai have a superb Facebook page. Have a look HERE. Under construction but looking VERY good.

I have found since returning to the art of Bonsai, things have changed slightly. Firstly prices seem to have sky-rocketed (possibly down to the weak £). Secondly, I have found that some Bonsai nurseries do not seem to have embraced having a quality and detailed website; seeming to prefer eBay to list what they are selling. There are of course exceptions: and today i would like to both champion and whole-heartedly promote Wattston Bonsai

I wanted a Japanese White Pine recently, and working with a small budget, I tried unsuccessfully to source one across the UK. I found some nurseries would not even bother sending any offering images, or simply did not offer mail order, or in some instances do me the courtesy of a reply; I was on the cusp of giving up, when I found Dougie at Wattston Bonsai. The most helpful man going; and his prices are a bit good as well 🙂

Quickly made my choice and paid; two days later my tree arrived in a small crate, still moist and in perfect condition. I shall return to Wattston Bonsai for sure. This is just one recommendation, there will be others; for now though, for all your Bonsai-based needs check out Dougie’s website. He sells some fabulous tools and a great range of soils and of course those trees. Pretty much everything you need really.


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