Small Juniper

So some years on after selling everything Bonsai related, it would seem a throwaway statement from my Wife has rekindled my interest in Bonsai. Initially I had private and personal reasons for ensuring my Wife was never left with the task of getting rid of my trees pots and tools, hence why I got rid of everything.

“let’s make a small Japanese garden’ she said. “Perhaps you might even like to create a few Bonsai?” And that so they say was that.

‘I’ll mull it over.’ I said. Suitably ‘mulled’ I have now purchased a 2000 litre plastic rigid pond, the filtration and pump, two ton of lovely Yorkshire rocks, some plants already and of course …Yep, you guessed, three Bonsai already 🙂 And why not indeed?

This is the area I will be turning into a Japanese style garden. Work starts next month. It is 40′ x 35′ in total including the lawned area. I’ll be constructing a walkthrough pergola in the lawn fitting a membrane and a nice gravel with stepping stones.


Anyway, this small chap came from Harry H at Bonsai4Me , and is a superb little tree. Why on earth for the giveaway price no-one else snapped it up is beyond me. Not certain on variety. Offering image then some basic work. Now I will have a think and see what further progress can be made. Tis good to be back at the Bonsai malarkey. Harry’s ‘trees for sale page’ is HERE

The following two images are of the small Juniper ‘as was’

HH Juni1HH Juni2

After a short time I have only really tidied this Juniper. I will live with it to see what I might like for the tree eventually.

juni before afterFor Website


4 thoughts on “Small Juniper

  1. Richard Jennings

    Great to see you back with the Bonsai again Mike. Hope all is well over there.
    Richie Jennings

    1. Mozzy

      Thank you Richard. Early days for me and I realise I don’t have thirty years in front of me with Bonsai so need to secure some that have had some work done 🙂 Hope you too are all good?

  2. D Wallbank

    Hi Mike,
    Good to see you back hope all your health problems have improved and good to see you enjoying Bonsai again.
    David and Sue Wallbank.

    1. Mozzy

      Thank you so much. I actually never thought I’d see 2016 but hey ho I’m still going. Hope you are all well enough. I am now in Lincoln.

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