Paul Goff RIP.

I’m sure you may already know; but, one of my last posts here on Bonsai- Passion is an extremely sad one.

Paul Goff, a star within the Bonsai community has sadly passed away.

I first came across Paul when he joined Harry Tomlinson creating the year book. A book I very much enjoyed. In latter years i would nod at Paul mostly during the Swindon Winter image shows. His wonderful flowing locks always astounded me; just how did someone have such wonderful hair that many a lady would have killed to have:)

His scrolls were at first to me rather nonsensical. Over a couple of decades I came to realise their importance; and I have nothing short of admiration and respect for them. They MOST definitely have a very important place in Bonsai-Display.

It must have been such a shock to the family; I have nothing other than respect and kind thoughts for the entire family at this most sad sad time.