That Funny wee Pine Updated.

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Did a little more work on the little Japanese White Pine. It’s an odd variety; genetically dwarfed, but with flaky plate bark which is most certainly an indication it is growing on nice healthy Black Pine roots.

I think not! There is absolutely no sign of any graft whatsoever. I will continue to research. My good pal Will B suggested that I consider a lean of the tree to bring the crown neatly over the base of the tree; currently it is not. Funny ol thing styling; one MUST do what one likes. In other words if it works for you then it is job done. Getting on now I find if I like what I see then that is goodenuff for I 🙂

So below you can see what I removed and an image taken today with my new Canon 6D Full Frame camera. Still finding my way round the latter 🙂 The bits I have removed is about half of the original tree / plant. I forgot and the green bins were emptied before I thought about retrieving it.

Before 2

JWP reduction.

Pine today 17.1.14

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