Tiny World.

At this time of year I am really just waiting to get stuck into the Pines and look to make arrangements ready for winter. The weather has been OK and continues to be so. We are all wishing for an ‘Indian Summer.’ No idea why that name but Mum said it and so did my Nana which is good enough for me!

Anyway, I’ve sold off a few bits and bobs lately and have found that my photography interest has gone on a few steps to yes you guessed miniature stuff! Had to come really. So for now I’ve nothing Bonsai or Accent wise, and wanted to keep the blog alive; maybe others have an interest in this interesting world?  I’m using a Canon 500D with a 100mm Canon f2.8 Macro lens. I’ve some AF extension tubes now so hoping to get closer still.

Thank you for all the kind messages; I really appreciate it. For now then …. a small selection of what I consider to be beautiful bugs!

orange eyes Spider two fly down Fly 2 small spider spider by hut reduced size Bee with borderes reduced FLY II with ALL Dragon Fly Head reduced

3 thoughts on “Tiny World.

    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you Youri; really kind of you say so. As time goes on and I am unable to do what I was once able to with this dreaded arthritis, I find I am really enjoying this gentlest of hobbies; photography. I just hope it does not bore people 🙂

      Be well friend


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