A fantastic blog entry from John Milton in Japan.

John Milton Bonsai

Recently I had this Japanese maple to work on

The picture here is in fact the back. In the rush, I didn’t give it a lot of consideration to be honest and there is no direct back branch which, didn’t make it entirely obvious at a quick glance at the time.
Unfortunately I didn’t get round to taking a pic before it was de-foliated but, this tree has a good leaf character.

A couple of pic’s of the base at its front.



I then cut back the tree (to improve taper and shorter internodes) and proceeded to wire it.


This was the first time that I had wired a Momiji here, i was a little unsure what finish to go for and I tried to go for the more natural image of the branches rising as they reach the apex.

Once I finished Oyakata looked over the tree and did…

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