Tis Bright Alright!

I’d seen this gorgeous looking pot on Facebook (the power of an advert). I fell in love instantly but upon contacting David at Walsall Ceramics they had none. With his usual helpful attitude it was a case of “No problem, I will let you know when they become available again.”

What seemed only days later David emailed me to say he had three and to take my pick. I did and I’m delighted to share it here on my blogasphere. 9cm tall and 7cm wide it will take a decent sized wee accent type plant. I’m thinking something with creamy white flowers to compliment the pot.

Walsall Ceramics Red

4 thoughts on “Tis Bright Alright!

  1. Hi Mike Brian here
    Beautiful pot. In this part of the world pots like that are none existent , and one does not buy on line because of breakage during shipping. Every once in a while when at a convention I go crazy and fill my boots and my wife goes nutso.
    Until then, clear sky’s and happy watering .
    Qualicum Brian

    1. Mike Jones

      Hello Brian; hope you are well?

      I know what you mean but truthfully as far as say ERIN and Walsall go, packaging is just second to none. I could well imagine playing football with the boxes and the pots still being good. If you feel inclined give both a chance, you’ll be quite surprised at just how well they parcel up.

      Take care


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