This UK weather!

I am truly fed right up with all the ‘grim-reapers’ that are saying …” oh we will be all so glad when this heatwave finishes.’ Or … “Oh we so desperately need the rain.” 

Am I the only person in Blighty that is more than happy for it to carry on as long as possible? Yeah, I know it is a bit grim sleeping for some; not for me, I have me tablets and don’t know nuthin until those ‘Crooks’ start up at silly o’clock.

Just saying!

4 thoughts on “This UK weather!

  1. Working in the office with the temp at 30c is not great!!!
    The kids are being kept in at home because its so severe. I don’t mind a good summer but nearer 20c would be better 😉

    1. Mike Jones

      Does though make you wonder Bry how the rest of Europe manages during the Summer season. Spain, Italy Greece etc, all hit well into the forties. I actually didn’t know the children were being sent home, or schools were closed due to heat issues. Summer break now anyway … I think. In the office your employer could and should do something about it; although the H&S regs state minimums, maximums is not quite so clear cut; then again it depends who is responsible for interpreting & implementing for the benefit of your welfare. A good employer would know that 30+ in an office work place will lower commitment, interest and productivity. They should be doing all they can en masse to help you.

  2. David wallbank.

    I’m with you on that it can go on as long as it likes for me just have to keep up with the watering although last weekend it was a bit warm on the bike in full leathers 😃

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