Leaf Strip Results

On the 23rd June this year I leaf stripped two Maples. I was concerned that I may have had a disease going on … or it was a uniform leaf burn. I mentioned then that almost every single leaf had signs of burning (See Original Post HERE).

I took the following image yesterday of ‘Stumpy’ and am delighted to say that not one leaf has come through with any damage. It has leafed well, all-be-it there are a handful that have come through huge; these I have removed. In the image below the darker colour leaves are just simply new ones in clusters that have yet to turn green and harden. Wind has been kind lately so fingers crossed.


I feel 100% certain it has been a two fold issue that has caused the dreadful leaf marking.

1. Scorch from strong winds. Without a doubt this was part to blame. Other than keep em coddled and fully protected I can do little about the wind.

2. I’ve been using tap water only this year. I store it for a minimum of two days fully vented to get any gasses present to evaporate. I’m convinced that the build-up of salts I have been experiencing this year mostly in accents has emanated from said tap-water. And actually re-reading this some years later I think not.

With the latter in mind there are really only two things I am aware of that actually stop this occurring.

1. Add a teaspoon of distilled white vinegar to every five litres of water. (Thanks again Will for the correction).

2. Water copiously each watering; ‘shilly-shally’ watering techniques do indeed permit minerals build up, which inevitably leads to salts. You’ll know, as you will have near white marks on top of the soil or at the base of a pot.

I may have been caught out with a liquid feed that was not actually organic, and I may have overdosed slightly. This then actually makes a third point to consider; one of which I’d like to cover another time.

Here then was stumpy on the 23rd June 2013 followed by the 14th July 2013.

Stumpy strip

Leaf stripped July 2013

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    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you Will. You read then re-read to ensure it all makes sense before hitting submit. I shall now change that section with full acceptance from me that it did indeed suggest adding a teaspoon to 5 litres of distilled vinegar!!! Which might have caused a problem or three 🙂 Off now to make that part sound a bit better. Oh dear, heat or age or maybe even both.

      Thanks again Will.

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