Old Accent Plants (where do they go?)

Over the years I have made some of the worst possible choices for accent plantings; yes I’ll hold the ol hand up. Have I learnt? Not entirely, as on occasion reason goes out of the way and I will STILL try something completely barking!

Luckily (in one respect) we do have large gardens here, and there are many beds or paths or gravel to try something out. So when an accent planting has not worked or it was simply getting stupidly big I tend to find an area to plant them in. I suppose in a completely daft thought I see it as letting the plant do what it really wants to do … have a good stretch after being in a small pot and grow.

Just a few snaps then of some that started off in a tiny wee pot.

Garden accent 1 Garden accent 2 Garden accent 3 Garden accent 4 Garden accent 5 Garden accent 6

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