An Update.

I showed the rather nice Tony Remington pot which I was fortunate enough to secure a week or so back. I had no idea what to put in it, which reminds me … of course none of us have ever bought a pot because we just liked the pot .. now have we?

Anyway, they had some reasonably nice indoor Roses potted up in Morrisons; reduced to £1.50 each I felt that would look quite OK in my new TR pot. Not an accent per se, actually far from it; it is however positioned among my bonsai and it is nice to have some colour other than green.

Here it is then and now fingers crossed it survives. Healthy so maybe it will be alright.

Rose in TR pot

2 thoughts on “An Update.

    1. Mike Jones

      It did Bry. I could not possibly duplicate as to-date I do not know how that particular one was done. Tis quite nice though to have displayed; Roses have always been a favourite of mine,

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