Korean Hornbeam Before & After.

I’ve suffered greatly just recently with pain from this infernal arthritis. But with a beer on the table and plenty of pain killing I decided I could ignore my triple trunk KH no longer. Funny though, it does no harm to let our trees enjoy what they enjoy most … growing.

Anyway, with some help we managed to get it moved for a before image. Bonsai Forum.


KH before in position

Helpers have moved the tree away from the patio and it is seen here stood on a B&D workbench.

KH before trimming


Several hours scissor and cutter work (I had help), much foliage has been removed, and for now the tree looks somewhat more presentable than before.

KH after 5 KH after 3 KH after 2 KH after 1

Thank you for looking and it has been nice to see some decent sunshine. Today here in Somerset the wind has blown itself out and the birds can be heard gently whistling as the sun shines at a nice 21C. Long may it last.

4 thoughts on “Korean Hornbeam Before & After.

    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this one as it is such a nuisance arranging help every time it needs moving! Oh well, for now it stays 🙂

  1. Looking impressive Mike!

    Thanks for working though the pain barrier to bring us another delightful post 😀
    Hope you enjoyed your beer haha

    1. Mike Jones

      I did Bry; so-much-so I had a second. Not sure if the cuts were precision after the second though 🙂

      Be well always


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