Those Birdies!

I’ll say ‘bless em’ but honestly you’d think they would behave a tad better. I’d made up a nice wee Kusamono with a variety of locally grown (my garden) ‘stuff’ including wee Violas, various sedums and of course moss.

Tis usually the first thing I do when i’ve had breakfast is go outside and check all is as it should be. Today though it was not quite as it should have been! We give them fat balls, nuts, bread water every day; we really do look after our fine-feathered-freinds, and they repay me like this. Grrrrrr.

Walsall pot ripped up


5 thoughts on “Those Birdies!

  1. Petit-arbre

    I have always this type of problem with birds. It is soo horrible to see that when you have just made it and all is around with the roots in full sun…
    They like particularly all my mooses on the bonsai pot. But the love my ilex serrata and always put away akadama.

    1. Mike Jones

      No fine here with those. I have a fox digging holes in a cherished flower bed though 😦

  2. David wallbank.

    Maybe they just didn’t like your arrangement and its their way of saying try again.😜

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