Made Myself A Quick Faux ‘Ji-ita’

John B is currently making me a nice Ji-ita slice for personal use; his skills are simply amazing. For now I had a bit of wood so thinned it down and put a fake edge on to sort of look like bark.

I just want it for standing my wee accent plants on when taking images of. Not sure what wood or where it came from, but anyway, it will do until ‘Big-John’ comes through. When he does I will share the new new slice at that time. For now though my little effort.

Dan Barton pot with Sempervivum.

new slice 2

The slab on top of the monkey pole is the sandstone one that I mentioned t’other day.

Here it is without pot. Oh I prepared at eventual 2000 grit and coated with three layers of Liberon finishing oil. Once each coat had dried I nipped off lightly before applying subsequent coats. Finally with my machine from old vehicle detailing days I used some lime Prime on a 3M finishing pad at 400rpm and then 1000rpm; this has the effect of making a glass like surface and the heat generated makes the coated finish as hard as a rock. If you do machine finish take great care not to burn the surface. Topped of with Dodo wax.

new slice 3

Close up of edges which is simply some Wickes exterior two-pack wood filler. Similar to vehicle dent filler actually but slightly softer. Painted with Humbrol modelling paints and sealed with pigment fixer.

new slice 4

Bit of a cobble up I know but hey ho, it’ll do till John B comes through. Hmmm a poem going on there šŸ™‚

Thanks for looking at my blog and I’m glad that I can once again start up with some entries now I have this voice activated software for typing instead of the arthritic fingers. Sigh, age doesn’t come easy for some. On the upside though the rain has stopped, winds have eased and maybe the Met Office is wrong with its 60mph gusts for tomorrow.