Two New Pots Today

Two wonderful pots arrived today from my good friend Tony Remington. Tony sure knows a thing or two about making pots and usually I cannot resist some of his new ideas. The first I have in mind to try a miniature rose and see how it works. If not then I will look around.

10cm tall, and 11cm deep I have quite a bit of room to play with. This one did not sell first time round on Tony’s site and I must breathe a sigh of relief it did not. This is just pot making at its absolute finest.

TR1 pot today

Next is something completely new for Tony and to say I’m delighted would be an understatement. Tony has such an eye for detail. He also has the biggest hands I have ever seen; how he makes these perfectly shaped pots is beyond me.

Size is 12cm diameter, and 6cm deep. I am uncertain what is destined for this one so will have a good think or three.

TR pot 2 today


Thank you Tony!

4 thoughts on “Two New Pots Today

    1. Mike Jones

      I saw it and could not understand why it was still available. When it arrived it wiped me out with a smile and gratitude that I was the owner. It is a spectacular pot. I’ve no idea … yet; what I shall put in other than ‘maybe’ a Rose but I need to get out when I’m a bit better and have a look around at a specialist Alpine nursery.


  1. Mike Jones

    I was lucky Mike; it was my birthday recently and my elderly Mother in Law who lives with us (we care for her) gave me some money so I could not resist spending it on some pots. Not a bad idea either for the second one; thank you.


  2. I love Tony’s pots. The detail and the glazes are just exquisite. I wish funds were a bit healthier so I could afford a few more of his pots.
    That motif on the second pot reminds me of a rive bank scene, so maybe a dwarf sedge or some cowslips.

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