Still On Accents.

I’ve made a couple of changes so felt I would share. This Dan Barton pot really is one of my most cherished pots. When I purchased this one I did not see that it graduated down to a cobalt blue at the bottom. Looks almost pearlescent .

This Echeveria when I carefully checked, was sat in rather soggy soil. My fault as I thought it best to duplicate what the plant came in from the garden centre. At times this memory thing is such a nuisance; I should have stuck with what has worked for me in the past. The mix I have used here is: one part C/L, smallish particulates, one part Akadama, sieved and graded to small bordering on medium size; one part Kyodama and not quite one part of chopped bark. In this instance my good friend Richie dropped off a large bucket full of Melcourt Propagating.

I have bolstered the mix to include an organic solid feed similar in size to Osmocote. It states it is a 5-5-6 and especially made for growing Chillies. Oddly the boxes although different contained exactly the same. Still at 99p for a kilo it works for me.

Before I pop the image on I wanted to be certain to share this link HERE; which is from Magical Bonsai Accents and written by Robin Jehan. It really is a great read, and I recommend you have a look. Ritta Cooper, probably one of the most mentioned of Kusamono creators also has on the same site images of her own beautiful creations. WARNING! Only view if you can cope with a quick swoon. They really are amazing. HERE

My wee Echeveria in pot mentioned.

Echeveria 2

Tis all for now; no doubt I’ll find something to chunter on about tomorrow. Oh and thank you for all the follows, likes and of course your comments.