Accents Again.

Found some images I missed dropped into another folder so thought I’d include. I was sat on the patio, on a chair while my wife changed the pots over for me (I’m disabled), during the while a lady blackbird turned up, took a look at me and simply carried on ignoring me completely other than a casual sideways glance intermittently.

Other than pulling out all the sedum, crapping all over the lovely newly painted birdhouse & feeders, wrecking an odd accent they give us so much pleasure. I’ have ended this post with some shots of said Lady B.

Here I’m a bit confused, this Lewisia Little Plum has given me a profusion of flowers and this must be the sixth week or so that it carries on. The foliage however is not doing so well and my worry at this stage is it may not make it. If anyone can advise me I’d be grateful. Pot is an ERIN.


One of my absolute favourite pots a very shallow Dan Barton made one.Just 1.5 cm wide and very shallow. I’d been reducing this Sempervivum down for a while now and it seems to have settled well into … wait for it, drum roll, CAT LITTER and some propagating bark topped off with lightweight aquarium stone. I know I know, I’ve always condemned the use of litter. This is non clumping Sophisticat Pink which came from Pets at Home. I understand this is high fired baked clay similar to Seramis but lighter and pretty grand at retaining moisture. I used it as I simply cannot afford Akadama any longer, and apart from the perfumed smell which does dissipate fairly quick it seems fine. If everything dies then I’ll ditch it. Offer the link has is two 30 litre bags for £16 which I can assure you is a heck of a lot. Dust seems minimal and sieving down to two sizes was easy enough. Initially with this I’ve gone with 75% CL to 25% chopped mini bark.

The odd colour will likely fade, but top dressed this is no issue. If you canna beat them .. join them is what Pop used to say.

The pot then after all that gabble.


This ERIN pot is a firm favourite with plenty of room. 11.5cm wide x 6cm deep. Blue Mouse Ears Hosta but actually not doing very well. What is it with me and miniature hostas!?


This £3 pot from a garden centre is housing a small alpine Dianthus. Not frost proof at all so I’ll remove plant for Winter. Just handy for a pit of colour. 9cm deep x 8.5cm wide.


A wee Birthday present from my wife, a lovely pot planted up with Rhodohypoxis. I like to have pots at ground level to splash some colour around.


And finally. Madam Blackbird.

birdie 5a birdie 3a birdie 2a

Thank you for looking and if you can help out on those questions I’ll be really grateful.

4 thoughts on “Accents Again.

  1. Not sure if u have this option where u live but instead of cat litter I use an oil-dry (like they use in garages for spilled oil/liquid pick-up) for my mix. It’s a fired clay just like cat litter (usually at higher temp) but I found it to be natural in color and does not break down nearly as fast as cat litter. And at least where I live its about the same cost. Just an idea if the cat litter does not work out.

    1. Mike Jones

      Ahhh I’d forgotten that option. Thank you for the reminder. I find the perfume a bit consuming and still wonder about the added chemicals.


  2. Finally found the time to browse some of the blogs on my reading list. Great accents Mike.
    I would lay the lewisia on its side, so there is no chance of any water standing on the surface. They hate to have any moisture near the leaf crown, I had one for years and that did the same thing until I spoke to a chap from the Alpine society. Keep it out of the rain, plenty of grit around the base to make sure all the water drains away and lay it on its side.

    1. Mike Jones

      Mike, thank you so much. Makes perfect sense. I shall get on with this straight away.

      My sincere thanks.


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