Nothing Fancy Here

My second post today which is also another before and after. Just a small Maple that I have owned for almost thirty years. It was one of those wee saplings around a few centimetres in height and about as thick as a strand of spaghetti or two.

Repotted back in March, into this new to me oval Tony Remington pot, which I was fortunate enough to secure for myself at the 2013 Swindon Winter Image show. It is 32cm end to end and around 4cm deep.

The tree grew rather too well, and was difficult to keep up with. Anyway prior to a minor strip down.

Maple before


Some of it I just pull away, the old leaves and other parts I work away with scissors until my fingers get too painful to use. Unfortunately due to the ridiculous amount of cold wind we had during March April and May, this one along with all my other Maples burnt badly. The only solution is grow some new ones, hence the shape is not yet how I would really like as I wanted to concentrate of removing virtually all the severely wind-burnt leaves.

Immediately after a couple of hours pruning.

After Maple

Yes it would easily stand much more stripping down, I will see how new growth develops first.

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  1. C Smith Taylor

    Ooops, so sorry, Mike – made a big blunder. Why did I think you were in USA – something on website – maybe website provider. Anyway lots of apols and even more delighted you are UK based. Now I know we are talking the same language and seasons! Promised pics – Have to start somewhere – this is me re-potting a young Chinese Elm; and the start of our bonsai collection. Carol (Leicester)

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