2013 Swindon Winter Image Show.

Well it really was a great show this year; well to be truthful it is a great show every year. I cannot really imagine just how much work Paul and his team of helpers has to do before opening the doors.

I actually exhibited myself this year. After all these years being interested in Bonsai I had a tree included in a professional event. My first! Seemed quite odd really watching people taking pictures of my exhibit, and to some extent quite humbling really. Well, the time flew by, meeting friends of old and many new ones as well. I managed to keep my hands in my pocket but could not resist a new Tony Remington pot for ‘Stumpy.’ That is the Maple I dug up a few years ago from the garden. I’ll update once I repot in a couple of weeks time.

Oh well, enough waffle; I hope you enjoy these images.

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Hoglets de-colouredThis one was my own wee accent entry. The pair of Siberian Hedgehogs were looking over my Siberian Elm 🙂

5 thoughts on “2013 Swindon Winter Image Show.

  1. Eric D

    Fantastic photos Mike – many thanks.
    Got quite a few TR pots myself now – must be well over 20 – and every one’s a modern collectable.
    Plenty of beauties from Erin too, and all of them do enhance the trees.
    No need to buy imported pots these days – our British potters have more imagination, and every pot is a work of art.
    They’re very reasonably priced too !

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