A Stand For The Siberian Elm

I’ve been very fortunate; and to some degree, rather privileged to have had my Siberian Elm selected to be shown at the 2013 Swindon Winter Image Show.

Having never shown this tree in public other than a local Taunton & Somerset event, I must be honest and say with knees knocking I am I think, really looking forward to it. As the tree is really much larger than people imagine, I need a good quality display stand for said exhibition. The Swindon club very kindly through Paul the Chairman, offered me the use of a stand. Yes, it would have worked well but being a tad stubborn and determined I felt I must al least make every effort I can – to make one myself!

So with money and arthritis a serious problem my attempts to secure something cheap from a second hand furniture shop failed miserably. My stock reply when I asked how much they were asking for old cack that we have thrown better away was … “Are you having a larf mate?” I mean seriously the stuff I was looking at like small drop leaved tables with gouges and stains was going for like sixty quid and more!!!! Anyway, off to B&Q and their Richard Burbridge Oak wood was partly in the sale, and well reduced. So for what should have been £98.60 I handed over a paltry  £21.80 for several lengths and bits … and ‘bobs.’

Here we have then a few images of some lengths stitched together and work in progress. I’m aiming for around twenty-four inches side-to-side; and, around seventeen inches front to back. Plan is make a top and ‘square’ it off with smooth Oak mitred around the edge. Then Mount to a rectangular frame which I have made by cutting down a length of architrave and skirting. Finally I will have a support at each side with a brace running from left to right underneath for strength. This then is the plan. I have included my AWFUL sketch I made to give me a start. Then follows work this far.

I will update as I progress.

Wish me Mrs Brown LUCK 🙂

S-elm stand 1 S-elm stand 3 S-elm stand 4 S-elm stand 5 S-elm stand 6

4 thoughts on “A Stand For The Siberian Elm

  1. Eric D

    Good luck Mike – it is a beautiful tree !
    Ever tried Ebay for offcuts ? I got a mixed bag of 15″x2″x1/4″ maple, black walnut, and cedar – around 40 pieces in total – for under £20 inc P&P. I bought more from the same seller later, and the plan is to make some decent stands … eventually ! Worth looking at, and if you’ve got the tools, some of those ‘tiger oak’ turning blanks could be stunning.
    Spooky, but I’ve just bought my first ever Siberian Elm (a half decent ‘starter’ tree) from David Cheshire’s Ebay listings – and that’s down to you and your masterpiece. My daughter’s young man is becoming very keen, so one day … well… who knows.
    With my excellent yamadori Lonicera Nitada ‘win’ – one very good plus two good trees – from Kaizen’s Ebay listings (£31), and a lovely little shohin Prunus incisa K-n-M from BB, it’s been a good Christmas.
    Not forgetting a superb book – Zhao Qingquan’s ‘Penjing : The Chinese Art of Bonsai’ from my youngest of course.
    All the best to you and yours for the New Year,
    Eric D

    1. Mike Jones

      Same to you too Eric 🙂 Seems you are going on very well. I’ve taken on-board your suggestion re eBay for timber off-cuts, so going there in a mo to see what is available.

      Your comments made entertaining reading!

      Take care


  2. Mike Jones

    🙂 I shall when the stand is complete and duly protected with whatever I think will treat it properly. Might just oil it.

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