This RAIN!

Much has been said about the current (late November 2012) weather situation. I can’t really imagine anyone not being aware of just how awful it is … unless you happen to have been on the moon in a Branston Rocket! Yes I know, I added a T.

Clearly Somerset has indeed taken a pounding, and here where I live in a small village outside Taunton, we have been cut off twice already. Many properties flooded, and today (Saturday) it starts yet again on already swollen rivers, canal and fields. Drains cannot cope, the wet weather we endured during the summer means the water has no real place to go.

By now I hope everyone has their Bonsai tucked away. Forecasts suggest … maybe, some 100mph gusts coming! Get those trees away in the garage, or wherever is safe but do what you can to protect them. Show caution when using the greenhouse as many have been blown down or away if poly-carb type. I’ve  got all the deciduous varieties in my garage; (they DO NOT) need any light during dormancy; just be mindful if the garage is heated not to bring them out of a winter sleep too quickly!

Evergreen varieties such as pine or coniferous will be fine in the dark for a few days. DO NOT bring them into the heated home. An unheated porch etc will be fine, but if closed in watch the sun (when it arrives) as a glass porch, gazebo, conservatory can indeed heat up very quickly.

This week I couldn’t help getting my broom out to help out during torrential rain and flooding. I made myself extremely ill as sadly my arthritis and digestive disorders are not good at all. Still, one feels so helpless, and I am glad I was able to do something, rather than nothing! Be mindful of any old folk that live nearby, they would without doubt appreciate a friendly face checking on their well-being. If you do feel helpless during a flood and you feel it is safe to do so, just use a broom to keep drains clear, they soon block up with leaves, sometimes in seconds. It is a continuous job during a flood. Be cautious on the water quality too, it is in some instances likely to contain sewage and other unwanted ‘stuff,’ and as one Policeman (Phil) in my all time favourite Police show ever, used to say, “Hey, let’s be careful out there.”  ABOVE AND BEYOND everything though please stay safe. Here is my village this week with a final one from me just before I collapsed.

This one is taken from the bridge looking towards Bridgwater. It is rarely clean and clear but seldom this Red-brown mix. Levels are high too.

Well, clearly anyone who knows me will recognise my cheesy grin. Hidden though is the fear from millions of gallons of flood water roaring in the background. I just thought I would include a ‘non-action’ man ( I wish) image as it happened.

12 thoughts on “This RAIN!

  1. Mike Jones

    Delighted (not sure why really; I must get out more) that image number four was chosen by my local paper for inclusion … in colour no less, and credited to moi as well 🙂

    Just thought I would mention it … as he whistles away feeling rather pleased with himself.

  2. Gary T (Tree Assassin)

    Hey Mike

    I hope you’re feeling better today (relatively speaking)? I hope also that the floods kept their distance?

    Best Regards


    1. Mike Jones

      Better thank you Gary. Water still pours down roads here from fields but we are safe and dry.

      My kindest to you and yours as always


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