Getting Told Off.

Apparantly to my complete ignorance, not everyone into Bonsai uses Facebook. Yes, I know; I have indeed been putting most of my images on there for likes or comment. I often wonder if anyone is really interested in a blog anymore as there are just sooo many!

So felt I would just upload a small selection of what I’ve been doing.

First up my Siberian Elm which so I am told now has many international followers. Image taken about a week ago at home.

For the very first time ever I am privileged to be able to exhibit this tree at the 2013 Swindon Winter Image Bonsai Show. (I think the finest show this country has to offer, but don’t tell anyone I said that.)

Of course my knees are knocking; I believe I mentioned that in an earlier post here on Bonsai-Passion. Making a stand was possibly a bit adventurous as arthritis and other related physical difficulties mean I am really struggling to move my hands properly. I’m doing a tiny bit when I can. I have until February … phew no pressure. I intend to not use moss to dress and will rely on the very natural finely chopped bark finish which to some extent emulates the Quantocks, my local walking space.

It will stay in the wonderful Walsall Ceramics pot. Not sure what accent as yet but may lean towards something flowering that would capture our oohs and ahhhhhs, during very late winter early spring.

Anyway, I shall be there so stop and say hello …PLEASE.

Next up I have been hoping my Korean Hornbeam Triple Trunk Bonsai will make a stunning colour this Autumn. So far so good but I’m not there yet.

I made a new wooden stand to stand my trees on and take pictures against a cream wall at the Bungalow. I’ve always used a black backdrop either under forced light or outside. Lately I must confess to rather liking the light colours for a backdrop.

So with a colour theme in mind, ‘Stumpy,’ my Acer that was growing perfectly well in the garden (‘A large bush’ … said the bishop to the actress.) But, I thought it would make a nice eventual Bonsai. Here it is with the nude look just this week with a first proper styling.

Anyway, next I’ll talk more about other stuff. For now any peeps that belong to a local Bonsai club I suggest you check out what Tony Tickle has to say on the subject with some eyebrow raising poll stats. Have a look here

Laters 🙂

4 thoughts on “Getting Told Off.

  1. Gary T (Tree Assassin)

    Facebook? No, not I! I subscribe to quite a few blogs, and really enjoy reading them.

    Very nice trees Mike, congrats on the Elm being selected for Swindon, it’s a cracker!

    Best Regards

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