JWP for sale

After much thought I have decided that during 2013 I shall be marketing my substantial JWP around the RHS shows and hope through a good friend JT at Mendip Bonsai to secure a sale. Not peanuts clearly but not silly money either. If you would like it, then simply get in touch. Tree as is right now; healthy and chomping at the bit for a new keeper.


2 thoughts on “JWP for sale

  1. Gary T (Tree Assassin)

    I’ve always admired this amazing tree of yours Mike.

    It’s way, way beyond my capabilities so I’d not do it (or your good self) justice. I hope you can fine a good home for it, to build on all you care and skill to date.

    Best Regards

    1. Mike Jones

      Thanks Gary. Much obliged to you. Sadly with time my health has greatly deteriorated and now I must accept that my larger trees must go to the care of another. Shame really as the JWP was my very first proper tree almost thirty years ago.

      It should be appearing at a few prestigious events up and down the country during 2013, so hopefully someone will enjoy it as I have done. I believe a great friend of mine summed it up beautifully when he replied elsewhere. “Pictures do not do it justice.”

      I suppose unless you are a gifted photographer that almost applies to anything. I’m biased of course but must say I heartily thank him for the kind words; and of course … agree.

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