It’s A Changing!

I shall undoubtedly regret this change; all-be-it not overly huge … I think. When I started this website / blog off, it really was just an online diary (ish) of a hobbyist and his Bonsai n ‘stuff.’

I frequently look at other blogs about Bonsai, and of course I cannot help marvelling at the skills of some; in particular Bonsai Eejit & of course Tony Tickle to name just two fantastic ones that spring to mind. So, with nothing better to do on a wind and rain lashed day here in the West Country of ‘Blighty,’ I thought I might take the plunge in WordPress, to see what I could change my old 20/10 theme into! Using the live preview filled me with horror at some of the page changes, but I have for now at least settled on this one.

I hope it comes over well enough? It’ll never be up there with the ‘big-guns’ and all that, but … I’ll continue to do enough hopefully, to get just one more view. Please do shout loud n proud if you see any horrendous transformations within the pages:)

6 thoughts on “It’s A Changing!

  1. Looks great Mike, I looked at this theme myself. Nice and clean. I probably have too much stuff on my own sidebar for my own good but that’s why I didn’t go for this one. Love the new header photos too.

    Keep er lit mate 🙂

    1. Mike Jones

      Cheers E. Means a lot to met that does. Yer such star in the world of all things Bonsai:)

  2. Jenny Lee

    Great Job!! I am just a quiet watcher in the States and think your blog is very interesting and lots of fun. Wish I could get to England to see your garden in person!!

    1. Mike Jones

      Jenny; you have no idea how heart warming a response that was you made. As Spock once said; ‘live long … and prosper!’

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