Peculiar Weather (Bonsai Protection)

After the warmest March on record, the weather seems to have taken a massive reversal of fortune. Here in The South West of Blighty it is chilly (4th April 2012) but certainly not what has been pouring in to the North and Scotland!  Not had any winds here yet, and currently struggling to get over 10C. I see however on the news just now that roads are closed, one metre high snow drifts; bridges shut, icy roads in general, power is out to thousands and thousands of homes! And so it goes on. All this on top of a hosepipe ban that comes into force tomorrow in many counties.

Yes those icy winds will badly damage young and tender species of Bonsai. This is not just those that have been repotted. Maples in particular  even in the slightest of wind will suffer. Those that have rallied well after repotting, would greatly benefit from protection right now … if you are suffering with this awful weather. Anything will do; garage shed etc. If you use the Greenhouse, be mindful of heat build up even if it is cold outside. The sun is much higher now, and will warm up a GH in seconds.

With any species that has been repotted, don’t hesitate to protect it. You’ll hear much about frost protection to newly forming feeder roots. Well, frankly if the repot was done properly, then you have little to fear of frost as far as roots go. If it really worries, then a small fleece will suffice over the pot and rootball. Any evergreens will dry out very quickly in this wind so be mindful of watering needs.

And finally. To anyone travelling this coming Easter weekend; be it here within Blighty or to an airport for a nice break; I hope you have a nice one.