Scots Repotted to Commissioned ERIN pot.

Well I had reckoned on late April early May to repot this Scots Pine, but the past two weeks of glorious wall-to-wall sunshine and 20+ Celsius brought this tree on way faster than expected.  Kept at a very dry level for ten days with just minimal watering meant the old soil just fell away. The Tongrae Mica type pot was just way too huge and my idea was to revert to when I felt this tree looked at its best. Thus I commissioned with the help of ERIN pots, a rustic round all over the place pot that personally I adore … thanks fellas. Sadly the pot arrived too late in 2011 to use. Oh sure I could have gone for a late 2011 repot but actually this has NEVER been my own preferred time to repot a pine. I like ti wait until candles are moving and the individual needle shape can be seen within new candles.

So, after some serious hours of root selection, removal and getting rid of soil that had been compacted tightly to the core of this tree since day one, I popped it into the new pot. MUCH smaller and back to where it should be. Anyway, pictures tell a thousand words. Off into a wheelybarrow then and get cracking. Help thank goodness was on hand by way of two good buddies. I’d never have moved it myself!