Changes to John Pitt Log.

After a successful year through 2011 with this wonderful John Pitt ‘pot,’ I decided it was time to dismantle and plant out all the contents that had been good enough to stay healthy all year.

This year I fancied something similar, but without buying anything. I have therefore planted three different varieties of bomb proof Sedum that were growing in my gravel path, four or five differing types of moss; one in particular I thank my great friend Smithy for; these are the small trumpet shapes ones. I managed to cultivate quite a bit from a small gift earlier last year .

I’m initially pleased; as the year progresses it will become more overgrown and will need some cutting back from time to time. Keeping the moss going through summer will be the hard bit. I have however found a mist-spray with Rhizotonic on moss seems to make it thrive. Just shy of five millilitres to a litre of water is what I personally use. All I can say is it works very very well for me, but I will keep it dappled rather than in direct sunlight.