Procumbens In New Pot

Whilst visiting the Swindon Winter Image show this year, (yes I know pics to follow) I was extremely fortunate to find that Walsall Ceramics were selling some quality Japanese pots, that were second hand, I believe ex Bill Jordan. My eyes lit up, would I find anything for my Procumbens? I’d looked everywhere, and it was now down to a commission I supposed.

Not so; there it was, shouting out at me to buy it, so I did, for a fraction of what I had anticipated. I knew longer term I would still be looking, but for now it would comfortably suffice. As it happens I rather like it, and will certainly be in no hurry to change it.

Spent around three hours working the old rootball, and then repotted into a mix of LECA, Akadama, Kyodama, Propagating Bark, and Kiryu, all topped off with some Frit and Trace Elements.

New growth was visible right the way across this one, so today was absolutely idea. I need to spend time working on the tree now. First though I shall ensure it establishes well.

Top dressed with Akadama, and watered in well with 25ml of Rhizotonic to 6 litres of water. It will go into a sheltered area where watering can be controlled for the first few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Procumbens In New Pot

    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you Mike. Very much appreciate your time commenting. I am really pleased; especially when I consider its ‘pedigree.’ Being Japanese, I found I needed my diamond tipped drills to make four holes for wire threading. And if I wrote that to a non enthusiast they would think I had gone ‘loco.’ Can’t be, I did that years back πŸ™‚

    1. Mike Jones

      Many thanks; I’m really chuffed to have an ex BJ pot in my collection πŸ™‚ In particular, the combination works for me perfectly, which after all … is who matters πŸ™‚

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