Large Scots Pine Bonsai

After languishing in a corner for some time, I decided it was time to make some changes and tidy this monster of a Bonsai up a bit. I already knew I didn’t like the existing front and a new one had to be found.

Over the previous two years, whilst growth has been extensive, needle reduction plans have paid off. Constant work on new candles finally seems to have reduced overall needle size considerably. It can probably be seen that on some areas of the tree, needles have been cut rather than plucked to protect any future bud growth in these areas.  The tree will be re-potted into the newly commissioned pot from Erin. Ideally I would like to wait until late August early September, but impatience will probably get the better of me and the likelihood is I will run with a repot sometime in late Spring; around late April to mid May.

Sometimes you just have to let a tree do what it does best … grow. Whilst they will be unattractive during this time it can pay off in the end. Especially when looking to restyle a tree. It makes sense to have more to work with.

The following images are as the tree was. As I said earlier, a change in front was definitely in order. Through rotation at 360 degrees the tree now offers a pleasing view at almost every angle.



After much thought and thinning I have created a new front which I am initially happy with. Further work through 2012 will take place with the main focus on a repot late April into the new Erin pot.

As it is for now.

2 thoughts on “Large Scots Pine Bonsai

    1. Mike Jones

      Thank you Don. It is actually far more thinned that the latest image indicates. I am very much looking fwd to getting here into the new pot this year.
      Best wishes

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