Procumbens continued ….

Carrying on from where I left off the other day I have now almost achieved the branch placement and overall layout I was after. I’ve had no luck online looking for a suitable pot sadly; trouble is a friend has provided a good virtual image utilising a Dan Barton made pot. Whilst I would love to ask Dan to make one for me, being retired I can not run to that level of expense, and am still hoping I can find a ready-made one.

Below is an image I took late this afternoon of the Procumbens after a further three hours of refinement, thinning and branch placement. The second image is one I took (yesterday prior to work today) using an Erin made pot that I have had for many many years. Yes, it is a deep pot and one that will benefit the repot this year as the roots will be fairly deep in teh cascade pot it is currently sitting in. I’m not sure, other than it looks better than the cascade it is in now. The final image is one provided by a friend PB, and I acknowledge full copyright to him. It is a little dark but that is probably just the virtual work and jpg image.

Let me know what you think …. please? All thoughts and suggestions very welcome.

One thought on “Procumbens continued ….

  1. Anette

    A wonderful tree!
    For me the first left branch would have to go as it competes visually with the trunk, either by restraining it by pruning until the trunk thickens or creating dead wood. Keep it as is though until other branches have grown enough to fill in the back (wich seems to be it’s main purpose right now).
    I would keep the “bow branch”, the concept being a graceful elderly lady who once was a girl with bows in her hair. I would love to create a “homologue” in a flowering species!

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