These winds right now are pretty darned bad. Even in the SW of England we are being battered by gusts of up to 70mph. I have a meter and have it set outside and have recorded 62mph in the garden.

Anyone using a greenhouse for protection should ensure the door is closed at this time. Wind entering can be very powerful and reduce it to rubbish. As long as it is anchored well, shut the door and you should be fine. Check any trees that are exposed, and pull them against a wall for further protection. Heavier trees are not such a problem but lighter ones can be picked up very easily.

Keep a close eye on watering. seems daft I know considering just how much rain we have had, but these drying winds can take moisture out of your evergreen varieties at an alarming rate.

Other than that, I hope you are not experiencing too much damage. Fingers crossed Friday forecast is accurate and that the winds will die back later tonight!