Started The Small JWP Finally

This smallish Japanese White Pine, (well, small to the rest of my collection), has been lurking for some years rather neglected. Mainly because I knew that work would show up the negative spaces. So on a mild December day, I made some changes. I don’t normally wire hard during early winter but have a suitable protective area for the tree; hence having wired pines all year round I have not this far found any problems doing it at this time.

It is OK for now. This coming growing year and the next couple will give me much to work with so the intention is to lessen the impact of the negative spaces. I even considered taking the top right off but decided against it. Anyway, just a day apart the before and after offerings.

3 thoughts on “Started The Small JWP Finally

  1. Mike Jones

    Thanks both. Yes Mike K I have as you would have guessed šŸ™‚ @Ian; yep ā€¦.sigh, and I think I have a china mist pot just right for it šŸ™‚


  2. Mike Konig

    Big improvement already! Needs a bit more radical change to branch placement to fill out the foliage area, but I think you have thought about this already.

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