Display Area Further Changes

Not a lot, but just a few subtle changes / additions. Have included some solar power pagoda style lighting (now I like I shall get some more). I need a solar light with a separate panel to install in the smaller granite lantern. Nothing around in the stores today … sigh (just full of sale stuff! 🙂

Brought over the K. Hornbeam triple trunk, shifted a couple and raked over, oh and picked up leaves. Would have done more but that wind today … waayyyyy too strong and drying out the evergreens very quickly. Very unusual to be watering right now. Using a moisture meter, they are drying out very quickly.

Anyway, latest image as of this afternoon. Further changes planned!

2 thoughts on “Display Area Further Changes

  1. Hi Mike,
    Watching updates on the new area with avid intrest. Also intrested in the “moisture meter”. Can you tell me more about it?
    All the best

    1. Mike Jones

      Hi Carole; available from most garden centres or online. Make certain you get one with an attached cord which gives flexibility. Take no notice of the chart that comes with it; just simply understand what readings mean in terms of your Bonsai .

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