Getting Confused!

With the new display area for my Bonsai in mind, and many suggestions already (thank you for all the e-mails with ideas and links), I’m now torn. Knowing this is not my last move, just how far do I go? And …do I live for today or put any major work on a back burner until I/we make that last move???

This is very confusing. What started out as a move and a creation of something new is fast gobbling up cash the more I think and plan. Grrrrrr.

7 thoughts on “Getting Confused!

  1. I have seen them move the diggers across the lawn with 8 x4 sheets under the tracks . I guess the work might then do the damage. Yes decisions decisions . Keep it simple till you move then do an amazing job on the next place.

  2. Yes its hard to know where to stop with a blank canvas as you can make everything so good with it. I find the ideas get more elaborate each time and then its hard to decide where to stop.
    A little at a time adding to yours will keep you occuppied for a while. Good luck with it.
    Merry Christmas 🙂

    1. Mike Jones

      I’m actually a bit torn really. Those three hugely substantial leylandii on the R/H side hide the garage and tatty area of next door. By removing them and building on that area it would be marvellous to use as further display, boulder, path, small pond area. It does drop away at the boundary so would not be easy creating a shield. Personally I don’t really want to see their garage. I have one the other side as well but this does not become a problem. Decisions decisions. Trouble is it would require a digger and this could potentially ruin the lawn.


  3. To be honest Mike ,even thought i have thrown ideas at you I would make something temporary and pleasing to the eye. I wouldn’t dig up the patio just carry on with the kind of display you have created already but just make it even more pleasing to the eye. A few more stands and a few more monkey poles . Maybe some membrane with gravel and a few rocks . Not much money and nice and quick .

    1. Mike Jones

      Spot-on then Smithy; I’ll do this and maybe further development will just simply come? Like you said; a blank canvas is not an easy one to work with.


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